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Hello - 

Ive never been good at blogging because - for some reason its ingrained in me that's its an inefficient waste of time. Besides I also think "why would anyone care what I think?", I certainly don't really care much on what many other people write online ...

Ive also been a member of sport writing sites before, I have learned a lot through interactions with my fellow mates in there, and learned a lot about writing and other things in there. Ive also realised any "supposedly" friendship through an online medium is an illusion at best, deceiving in the middle, and downright cheap at worst. I value them for what its worth, but with much skepticism. 

Few are genuine and you can count those with your fingers. The online world consists of people from all sorts of life: for some its an escape to be what they cannot be in real life, for others its a medium to develop friendship without actually taking on the responsibility of being a real life friend, for some others its a place to argue mindlessly over the most trivial of issues, and for a few its a place to share their writing and creativity. Its a melting pot.

And Ive also gotten a bit jaded about how so called editors and experts who apparently judge your work and its worth, clearly dont know much about the game nor the quality of writing. Not that am an expert either, but I've realised I know more than them through this process. Its really flexible on what am going to write, I dont know yet. But it will probably be about environment, energy, tennis and politics and at rare times, may be something personal. But am not a huge fan of writing personal things online.

I owe a sincere thanks to Zander for all that I have learned about being a sport writer. I also love this background, I am very specific in how everything looks and this is the first background I saw, and instantly fell in love with it. Its elegant, simple and dark.

Some of my favorite characters are Chandler Bing, Gregory House, Conan O'Brien and Hank Moody.

I craved for a sense of originality and spontaneity, hence I named my write space - 'Unplugged'. Remember when Nirvana played in the 'Hammerstein Ballroom' in New York, it was Kurdt's last show and they essentially created a bootleg. In the sense, no mistakes and errors or bad notes they played were fixed ... pure original unplugged. In here, whatever it is I write, once am done writing that post, I will not go back and change, edit or revise it, it makes it not premeditated and very ... 'Unplugged'. The only exception to that rule are spelling mistakes.  

Other than that  - Lets get this started shall we ? Mrs Robinson - Jesus loves you more than you will know ...

--- Keep Rockin, Long John Silver 

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